Important Things to Know Before Visiting China


Even the experienced jetsetters would know that you do not travel to a place without exerting effort to know anything about it. This popular opinion is practiced by travelers so as not to look lost on a foreign land. Of course, this applies to those who wish to go to China. Travelers should know that coming to this oriental ‘superpower’ nation constitutes certain things you must bear in mind. There are certain rules which you must understand first in order to turn your flights to Shanghai – or any other Chinese cities – more exciting and memorable.

First and foremost, you cannot enter mainland China without a passport. Buying air tickets online would turn useless if you do not have this important document. It will prove your identity to the officers at the immigration counter. If necessary, the passport should be stamped by a legal visa from the Chinese embassy in your home country. If this rule applies, then the visa is twice as significant as the passport. Luckily for Singaporeans, there is no need for this highly-important visa to get to China.

China is a modernized country fused with a beautiful oriental heritage. Thus, it is easy to find hotels, restaurants and cafés, and shopping malls which would suffice your wants and needs as a tourist. Attractions are abundant, providing you a lot of options on how you want to enjoy your tour.

Transportation is easy. Taxis, subways and buses would transport you to almost anywhere; but for a taste of old China, you could try riding the famous rickshaws.

Now, it is very much advised that you educate yourself even just a little about the culture of China. It is one basic technique in order to instantly adapt to a new community when you are already there. Knowing the basics of Chinese norms would allow you to interact with the locals easily, making you feel more comfortable.

When you fully understand the things stated above, you can now buy air tickets online and ride your flights to Shanghai or any other Chinese cities. Enjoy your trip!


Thanks for reading my post! Stay tuned for the next travel update.

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