Increase in Fleet in China: Biggest, According to Study

China Flights

China is well-adjusting to the demand of travelers as it increases the number of its fleet by more than 300%. This is after a study by Flightglobal’s Commercial Fleet revealed that the country is the single biggest purchaser of wide-body planes, topping North America and Asia-Pacific.

The aircrafts scheduled to be manufactured fall under the categories of Boeing’s B777, B787, and B747; and Airbus A330, A350 and A380 (twin-aisle). More than 4000 planes of these kinds will be added to the worldwide fleet by 2031.
When it comes to matter of deliveries, China will fall into second place. Asia Pacific will remain to be the first one, because according to authorities, China will not be able to handle big deliveries since it still has to maintain its smaller fleets.

Aircraft Companies

Most of the larger planes flying around the world are from Boeing and Airbus; and with the orders for aircrafts placed by China, North America and Asia-Pacific, the companies have undeniably closed down multi-million dollar deals with Air China and Lion’s Air.

At the moment, Boeing will be manufacturing 106 Boeing 747, and 854 Boeing 787. Airbus, on the other hand, is bound to produce 870 orders from the A330, A340, and A350 XWB. 178 orders of A380 are also on the process.
There is currently an intense competition between these two leading aircraft manufacturers, and Airbus is leading the game with over 3:1 ratio, when it comes to orders.

China’s Increasing Fleet

Most of the aircraft which will be produced in the next 20 years will be delivered to China; thereby making the country’s fleet to grow significantly. As pointed out by Li Jianxiang, the administrator of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, there is now a need to add 50 more airports to the more than a hundred existing ones in order to accommodate the country’s increase in air carriers.

It is believed that this phenomenal development in the aviation industry of China would lead to more infrastructure projects and economic success.


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