Making the Most Out of Your Flights to Melbourne

One of the most livable cities in the world is Melbourne in Australia. A cosmopolitan city that brims with so many opportunities for the locals, tourists and expats alike, it continuously serves as a nice escape for people who need to get away from the pressures of this busy world.

Going around Melbourne does not encompass a daunting experience. It basically begins with purchasing airfare tickets online. Different promotions are offered in the internet, allowing people to save more money for the trip itself.

To experience the real beauty of Melbourne, people should never forget to visit the following places:

1) Yarra River – A basic tourist attraction in Melbourne is the Yarra River. It is a placid river that crosses the city and provides an interesting venue from where people can see the stunning cityscape. It is definitely beautiful especially at night when the water glistens, thanks to the lights coming from the buildings on its banks.

2) City Center – There are basically a lot of places to visit at the City Center. Aside from being a premier commercial and business district in Melbourne, it also gives home to top city attractions like the Flinders Street Railway Station, Eureka Tower, Parliament House of Victoria, Queen Victoria Market, State Library, Police Museum, and Shrine of Remembrance.

3) Chinatown – It is exciting to see another culture within a culture so it is a must to visit the Chinatown in Melbourne. Brimming with stores and attractions that flaunt the oriental magnificence, it is not difficult to find oneself at ease with the area. There is a plethora of dining venues selling authentic Chinese food here.

4) St. Paul’s Cathedral – A symbol of Melbourne’s Anglican community, St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most fascinating attractions in the city. With a structure that dates back to 1885, it is a perfect example of Gothic architecture. It is definitely photogenic.

5) Melbourne Zoo – No trip to Melbourne will ever be complete without visiting the Melbourne Zoo. Fit for the enjoyment of the whole family, this zoological park features more than 300 animals of different species; some are even native to Australia. It is the oldest zoo in the city, and is therefore a good place to hang out and bond with the kids.

6) Luna Park – Another important icon in Melbourne is the Luna Park. Here, one can feel the true essence of a carnival as the place had been in existence since 1912. A lot has changed of course – to adapt to the fast-paced environment – but the historic vibe never left. Aside from the rides, the park offers a lot of activities for the people.

Mentioned above are just some of the interesting places to visit in the city. There are so much more to discover – all being reasons for many to just schedule their flights to Melbourne as soon as possible.


Thanks for reading my post! Stay tuned for the next travel update.

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