Where to Go in London

Nowadays, a lot of promo flight deals could be availed through the internet, with just a few clicks on the computer. Many are attracted with the low prices that they impulsively but it without a clear thought about what to see and do in that wondrous land of Queen Elizabeth and Harry Potter.

But worries have no place when you have settled the deal because if you do not know where you are supposed to go to, here is an array of suggestions:

1) Borough Market
Borough Market photo by London-Attractions.infophoto by London-Attractions.info

There is no way you could appreciate London without trying its delicacies; and there is no better place in the city to go for these delicacies than the Borough Market. Brimming with stores selling different kind of culinary treats and easy grabs, it is one of the best attractions to visit.

2) Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliamentphoto by Tourist-Information.uk

London is basically known for its Gothic architectures, and the Houses of Parliament is undoubtedly one of its greatest examples. Officially known as the Palace of Westminster, it boasts of different structures that are so beautiful you just have to stand and take a picture with it as the background.

3) Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey photo by Westminster-Abbey.org

One of the most important icons in the city is the Westminster Abbey. This Gothic church sits next to the Palace of Westminster, and is actually known as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster. It is the venue for many coronations and burials of English monarchs.

4) Museum of London

Museum of Londonphoto by Love-London-Museums

To know more about this spectacular city, you need to visit the Museum of London. As one of the best of its kind, this place would transport you back to the times when the city was just an ordinary metropolis. Artifacts from the ancient times, as well as exhibits and galleries depicting the stories of yesterday, are all displayed.

5) London Eye

The London Eye

photo by BritainExpress

A huge Ferris wheel, it is; but for many people, it is a window to the soul of London. Standing 443 feet-tall, it has oval capsules that have glass walls to provide people with spectacular views of the city. Basically, it is not just an amusement ride. It is an observation wheel.

6) Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palacephoto by Tourist-Information

See the magnificent palace where the Queen resides. Astound yourself with the remarkable palace guards. Lay eyes on the most impressive symbol of London’s heritage. Visit the Buckingham Palace and take a picture of yourself. It’s definitely going to be worth it.

7) London Bridge

London Bridgephoto by Wikipedia

Yes, there really is a London Bridge and it is not falling down, as how the old nursery rhyme literally suggested. It is one of the most important icons in the city, and should be visited.

8) Tower Bridge and Thames River

Tower Bridge and Thames Riverphoto by ListofImages

There is no better water/structure spectacle in London than this. Stunning (particularly at night), the Tower Bridge is a suspension bridge that has become an icon of London.

The city is densely commercialized so it is a breeze to find a lodge, restaurant or bar, or shopping mall to complete your tour and thereby maximize your air tickets to London. Don’t waste the opportunity. Not everybody is given the chance to explore this stunning city.


Thanks for reading my post! Stay tuned for the next travel update.

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