Things to Do in Bintan Island

One of the beautiful islands of Riau, Bintan is basically a favorite destination for many tourists. It has a stunning charm which complements well the beauty of its surroundings. Its main attractions are the beaches and luscious greeneries. Located on the northern part of the islands, traveling from Singapore to Bintan will only take 45 minutes by ferry. Hence, the easy access to this beautiful paradise.

As Bintan Island is a major tourist destination in Indonesia, it can be expected that a lot of things can be done there. Here are some:

1. Swimming

Bintan LagoonImage source:

Bintan Island is a coastal island which is home to stunning shores. Around the place are different exclusive and luxurious resorts in which people can find utmost relaxation and peace. The ocean water is certainly calm and cold against the tropical sun. The beds of sand are soft enough to allow swimmers to get those sexy tan lines.

2. Scuba diving

bintan-island-divingImage source:

It is not just the shores of Bintan Island which tourists love. The underwater ecology is also something worth seeing. Professional divers come to the island to explore the colorful and stunning sea bed which is home to untouched coral reefs and various schools of fishes. Most areas are blessed with shallow waters so amateurs will surely enjoy it well too.

3. Trekking

Bintan adventure trekImage source:

Those not interested with too much swimming may enjoy an alternative: trekking. Bintan Island is gifted with a magnificent nature that is well taken care of by the government. It is definitely an unforgettable feat to trek through the rainforests and mountain summits in the island. The island is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, making trekking a lot more exciting. Usually, trekkers come in group via discovery tours.

4. Sightseeing

Bintan Landscape - Nirwana ResortImage source:

Bintan Island is not just about the actual activities. The beauty it possesses creates an astounding spectacle which people can marvel on. The nature is a good photography subject so people should never forget to bring their cameras for some landscape and nature shots.

5. Shopping

Bintan ShoppingImage source:

Shopping in Bintan Island, especially in Tanjung Pinang, is definitely an exciting feat. As the island is already well-developed and highly commercial, shopping malls and stores are established in almost every corner. From apparels to souvenirs, people will be able to buy something for themselves and for their loved ones back home. Two of the most popular malls are Psar and the Ramayana Shopping Mall.

6. Play golf

Bintan GolfImage source:

Aside from the world class golf facilities the island is equipped with, the quietness of Bintan Island’s surroundings is basically the reason why playing golf is great there. Enthusiasts will definitely have a good chance concentrating on their game.

Bintan Island is more than just a quick getaway venue. It is a place where recreation is best done. It is an island where one gets to appreciate the beauty of life and this world more. So people should not think twice about visiting this Indonesian paradise. Bintan tour packages are available online.


Thanks for reading my post! Stay tuned for the next travel update.

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