Hong Kong Disneyland’s Grizzly Gulch: Setting New Standards on Fun and Excitement

Hong Kong Disneyland's Grizzly Gulch

Grizzly Gulch is the newest attraction of Hong Kong Disneyland. It is the largest part of the largest themed area in the park which has been open to public since mid-July this year. This attraction is basically described as an area where people can experience the Wild West plus all the fun and adventures. It features interactive water features and more entertainment components to guarantee the satisfaction of the park’s guests.

Grizzly Gulch Coaster
The main attraction in Grizzly Gulch is the multi-directional coaster ride which traverses the whole area. Designed to exude the mining feel, people will surely get thrilled as the ride surges forward, retreat fast, or make sudden turns that could make hearts and stomachs flip with undeniable fun.
In order to cater to the long list of necessities of the guests, the Grizzly Gulch also features the Lucky Nugget Saloon which would allow people to stuff themselves with good food after a very tiring yet adventurous experience around the park. For further entertainment and excitement, there is the Grizzly Gulch Welcome Wagon Show which offers spectacular presentations and productions.

Like in any other themed areas of Hong Kong Disneyland, this attraction also features characters in costumes who are just roaming around the park, waving at kids and posing for people who wish to take pictures with them.

To complete the experience, the area also features Bear Necessities, a store from where anyone could buy nice souvenirs to give to friends and families.

Grizzly Gulch Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland has undoubtedly stepped into a greater milestone with the opening of the Grizzly Gulch. Along with Toy Story Land (opened last year) and the Mystic Point (to be opened on 2013), this fantastic amusement park is indeed set to bring fun and excitement to a whole different level.

Following the opening of Grizzly Gulch, it is expected that more and more people will avail cheap flights to Hong Kong to visit the attraction. No problem on that, though, since purchasing air tickets may be done in a matter of few seconds online.

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