Different South Korean Festivals to Witness

When exactly is the best to use those cheap flight tickets to Seoul?

This is often a major problem for many travelers. People are often seen pondering on their schedules, thinking on when the best time to visit Seoul is. Well, anytime is perfect. However, the excitement doubles up in time with the following festivals and events:

1) Korea Grand Sale

Koreans definitely know how to start the year right. Happening every January, the Korea Grand Sale is certainly a fascinating event for many shopaholics. Thousands of stores and malls in the whole country join the event by providing irresistible discounts on their products. If you are up for some shopping spree, it is best to schedule your trip to Korea during the first month of the year.

2) Cherry Blossom Festival

It is not only in Japan where the cherry blossoms are stunning. In Korea too, its blooming produce stunning sceneries that you would definitely fall in love with. Locally known as the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, it happens during March to April of every year. Tourists love this.

3) Seoul Dano Folk Festival

One of the most important festivals in South Korea is the Seoul Dano Folk Festival. It is typically held on the latter part of June and is celebrated with traditional wrestling events and open concerts. It mainly focuses on the strength of the male population, hence the wrestling. Common activities include swinging on swings and washing of one’s hair with water filled with irises.

4) Seoul Fringe Festival

For the past 15 years, the Seoul Fringe Festival has been a nice thing to come to South Korea for. It is an arts festival that showcases the artistic side of the nation. It is held in August and is celebrated with live dances, theater presentations, musical concerts, and art displays at both indoor and outdoor venues.

5) Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival

Appreciate the wonderful street art culture of Korea every fall or September by scheduling your flights in time with the Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival. The cultural event focuses on showcasing the interesting street aesthetics through street theatres, Madang plays, dance performances, circus acts and musical concerts.

6) Andong Mask dance Festival

Witness the traditions and beliefs of the Koreans by witnessing the Andong Maskdance Festival. Held every October, it is a nice event to join should you wish to expose yourself to the colorful and vibrant heritage of South Korea.

Most of the time, cheap airfares to Seoul are made available by online ticket booking sites in time for the aforementioned events. There is no point in hesitating because these festivals are surely worth the trip, and would guarantee million memories to cherish.