Tips on How to Stay on Budget in Venice

“Can we go for a European tour on budget?”

Festivals of Light - Venice, Italy

Festivals of Light – Venice, Italy

This is perhaps one of the most common questions people ask whenever they thought of spending some time in Europe specially to one of the most romantic cities in the world – Venice, Italy.

Well, it could be expensive for some. But then, that doesn’t mean that budget traveling cannot apply here. As how it is anywhere else in the world, those who want to stay thrifty may do so while experiencing the best things this stunning city has to offer.

There are a few tips on how to keep on track with the budget while roaming around Venice. The first one to do is to stay away from major attractions. This quaint city generates a lovely appeal that would allow anyone to appreciate even its corners. The simple spots would certainly compensate for the major tourist destinations where one will be charged a hefty price for entrance fees. Doing this would not just save money, but will also exercise one’s ability to discover new things and appreciate the simplest things.

Walking around instead of using the various means of transportation is also a good way to save money. Venice is just a small city. Going around by foot will still provide people with a wonderful experience. In fact, it is way better because it slows down travelers. They can marvel on the place more, permitting them to appreciate it better.

It would also be nice to eat where the locals do. Some restaurants are focused on catering foreign customers that the latter end up paying so much more than they should. This may lead to the depletion of the budget so to save, one better go to cheaper eateries. Although these places are not as elegant as the first-class dining venues, good foods are still served. Furthermore, choosing where the locals will expose travelers to a better view of the city’s typical lifestyle.

As Venice is primarily known for its romantic canals and gondola rides, many people would really wish to try it. However, the fees are not as budget-friendly as assumed. So an alternative is proposed: Instead of paying for a private gondola ride, one can just content himself with walking along the river banks with his special someone. Come to think of it, that’s cheaper… and way more romantic.

Refraining from too much shopping is also one way to save money while on Venice. A few souvenirs will do. The trick here is to bring a camera and snap shots all the way. This will serve as a better proof that one has been to this magnificent city already.

Topping this list of tips on how to stay on budget in Venice is the advice that one should find an affordable hotel to stay in. This goes hand-in-hand with finding cheap flights to Venice. Keeping it low in terms of accommodation and airfare is not really an embarrassing thing to do. That just means one has enough sense to be practical.


The Growing Popularity of Cruising and Its Causes


In the recently concluded NATAS Fair 2013, cruising has surprisingly landed on the 7th position among the top 10 most booked vacations. This statistics on Singapore cruise holidays may not have leaped but the growth on statistics still mattered. This just means that more and more people are now considering the idea of voyaging through the vastness of the seas while enjoying a spectacular treat of luxury.

But what exactly appealed to the public that pushes cruising as a prime option for a getaway?

As mentioned earlier, cruising encompasses luxury. A cruise ship is like a floating hotel, equipped with all the facilities and services which are intended to satisfy the incessant needs and demands of its passengers. Aboard, people can enjoy spectacular dining and entertainment experiences in a very unique setting – and that is in the middle of the ocean.

Sushi Bar

However, the experience does not end in restaurants bars and lounges, and theaters and cinemas alone. Cruise ships are very well informed of the passenger’s necessity to maintain health and wellness while on board so it is most likely that one gets to hit the gym, or do laps on a deck pool while sailing. Furthermore, rounds of golf, tennis, or cricket may also be played on board – thanks to the sports courts provided.  Bowling lanes, rock climbing, line skating, and ice skating may also be done.

Another thing that greatly appeals to the public is that cruising also takes into consideration the younger members of the family. It is a common knowledge that children have short span of attention and tantrums kicking in could ruin the whole cruising experience. Thus, cruise ships usually offer lectures and workshops which kids will certainly enjoy. Art and cooking classes are given to keep the kids’ interests at bay. This way, parents may enjoy their time enjoying the facilities intended for them. Example? The casino.

Yes, most cruise ships have casinos in it. It is often a staple facility of these vessels as most passengers are into this kind of entertainment. Although it cannot be as huge as other gambling establishments on land, the ones in cruise ships can actually compensate. It promises the same atmosphere, so one will hardly find faults on it.

Now although cruising mainly concentrates on staying in the midst of the ocean, the ships do dock on destinations; and subsequently, passengers are allowed to disembark and stroll around the place. In some cruise holiday tour arrangements, people can even stay there overnight for maximum satisfaction. So basically, cruising is just like riding a plane – only it’s much slower yet much worth it.
Definitely, there are a lot of other reasons why cruising deserves to receive the kind of attention it is getting now. Singaporeans, and the rest of the world, are continuously finding new things to explore and experience; and obviously, going on a cruise will suffice that.